That was it! Lazy waters of Garda lake, surrounding landscapes so breathtaking that you are blinded by the beauty and aesthetic excellence. In such places you talk about two things only: music and love.

Since that time we walk together… Make morning coffee, stroll the world with a camera hanging from our shoulders, soak up the atmosphere of new places and people, pet our two cats, and after intensive months spent with the lens, hop into our bed to watch movie series.

We love our job and we love roaming behind you to learn your life stories. We are fascinated by the sincerity of your emotions, views and living in accordance with your individual compass. Therefore we mostly await the weddings which are tailor made by you, following your souls embarking on a lifelong journey together.

We are not a factory. We do not manufacture beautiful stories. You make them, and we only capture in our frames all the spotlights, emotions, tensions which you allow us to see. We try to immerse into the world of our couples, touch at least the bits of feelings that accompany you every day and record them in such a way that you will be able to retouch them anytime. If you are looking for quiet observers then you have knocked on the right door.

Now fell yourselves at home. Choose a comfy chair, hold each other’s hands and tell us your story. In a moment’s time we will take a trip together. One of the best in your lives.